About me

December 9, 2016

Not too much to tell, so I'll drag this out as long as I can. I have gone by the name Circa around the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy community. Being mostly a modder of the Single Player portion of Jedi Academy, I hadn't ventured into the multiplayer side until a few years ago. I didn't have internet on my personal computer until then, so I just played and modded single player, downloading mods on my parents' computer and bringing them to mine. It was a lot of fun. I went by the alias of "master_ibonek" when releasing my own mods on jk2files.com. I started out slow, but gained some notoriety with my "BD SP" mod, which was the backbone of what became the Prequel Conversion mod.

From 2008 to about 2012 I had removed myself from the JKA community. It was a hiatus of sorts. I took a break from video games for awhile, then I eventually got an Xbox 360 and spent a lot of time on that, playing Call of Duty and a slew of other games. In 2012, I returned to the JKA scene when I heard about JKHub.org and was asked to upload my mods. It piqued my interest.

So I joined JKHub and slowly got back into playing and modding again. I had made the switch from Windows to Mac that same year, so I also had to learn some new tricks to accomplish some things. In the end, it became more enjoyable, honestly.

During that time I also started playing on multiplayer more. I joined the clan -[DE]-, or Dark Empire of the Sith, in 2013, when I was one of only three active members. Shortly after, the clan went completely inactive for about 6 months when I took it upon myself to create a new website for it and breathe new life into -[DE]-. We quickly built up the clan in the summer of 2014 and it became more active than it had been in a long time. I climbed the ranks quickly and became a council member in 2015, renaming to Darth Calamiir. You can visit the website here and my personal showcase here.

A month after joining -[DE]-, I was approached by the JKHub staff, asking me to join as a staff member. I immediately accepted, and quickly lent my hand anywhere I could. Over time I became the main administrator.

In August 2015, I resigned from being administrator of JKHub to focus on other things. It was a great break that allowed me to step away from it all. In January of 2016, I rejoined the staff as admin.

On April 21st, 2016, I retired from the Dark Council of the Dark Empire of the Sith clan, due to real life and the declining interest in playing Jedi Academy.

In 2016, I couldn't seem to stay away and decided to try my hand at leading my own clan called Shadow Order. After spending a couple weeks planning it out, it launched and grew incredibly fast. In just 6 months, it had 30 members and was still growing.

In July 2018, I decided to disband the clan due to being too busy in my own life, and the lack of motivation from me and others to keep it going. We still talk regularly on Discord and our server remains online for the foreseeable future. Join our Discord server if you'd like to hang with us!

Other than Jedi Academy, I spend most of my gaming time on Xbox One. I'm a huge Call of Duty fan, as well as a fan of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

Fun stuff. The end.